Skincare Benefits of Fermented Kelp

There is nothing more marvelous than discovering that your choice of skincare is incorporated with the purest ingredients made from the most natural extracts. This is what you can expect to get from our Aquamarine collection. This top of the line skincare range is made from Sea Kelp Bioferment that is scientifically proven to act as an excellent oil-free moisturizer when integrated as a skincare ingredient.

You can never imagine that these plants you usually find in the bottom of the sea can do well for your skin right? Now let’s dig in to the highlight of how Sea Kelp Bioferment is produced from its unprocessed state to the best active ingredient available in the market. Sea Kelp Bioferment or also known as kelp ferment is a natural kelp extract that is acquired by using the traditional fermentation technology. Sea Kelp is fermented with the use of Lactobacillus, yes you read that right, Lactobacillus is the same bacteria that produce sour dough breads and sour cream, yogurt and many other food sources.

During the fermentation process the cellular tissue of the Sea Kelp leaf breaks down which results to increased bioavailability of the natural chemical compound naturally found in kelp. Fermentation and the successive reduction of the natural liquor found in kelp results in the formation of concentrated vital nutrients. During this natural process, the mucilaginous intercellular material which Kelp is rich in serves as a vital factor in obtaining the gel like consistency of the Sea Kelp Bioferment.

Once Sea Kelp Bioferment is produced, it can basically be added to any skincare product because of its amazingly versatile property that does not only provide nutrition but also acts as a great anti-inflammatory agent for the skin. Because Sea Kelp is from the group of marine plants, they are very resilient to survive from any extreme environmental changes which make them as a good resource for skincare. Sea Kelp Bioferment helps prevent damage to amino acids and does a good job protecting the skins cell membranes that helps the skin fight off free radicals which is the number one culprit in accelerating the skins ageing process by damaging the collagen and attacking the healthy cells.

Our Aquamarine collection is handmade and naturally curated to suit oily skin types. We have carefully chosen the purest ingredients and with Sea Kelp Bioferment extract as the main ingredient because of its efficiency to re-organize the cell membrane to reverse cell damage and to help you bring back that youthful healthy glow.

Sea Kelp is rich in the following properties that are proven to be beneficial for your skin:

  • Essential Fatty Acids – Helps improve skin elasticity
  • Chlorophyll – Detoxifies
  • Vitamin A – A powerful antioxidant that normalizes skin cells
  • Protein/amino acids- Serves as a great skin conditioner and vitalizes the building blocks of cells
  • Carbohydrates – Regenerates skin cells and stimulate the skin’s ability to heal

Trivia: Did you know that Sea Kelp has the ability to grow up to two feet a day? This is the reason why the older they are the more massive they become. In line to this ability, Sea Kelp is proven to be a powerful instigator of cellular regeneration for your skin. 

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