Our Top 10 Summer Beachscapades

It is officially the start of the summer season! You can feel it with the summer heat kicking in and the winter frost leaving its tracks for a few months this year. Summer not only calls out for more time to go out and enjoy, but it also gives you the urge to plan out a getaway to escape the pressure of living the city life. We have compiled a damn-good list of summer getaway places to offer you a fresh perspective and honestly just a pleasant change of scenery.

You don’t have to go far to get that perfect bronze tan because matter of fact the United States is home to some of the world’s finest beaches with over thousands of miles of pristine coastline where you can just relax, swim and just enjoy the serenity of the gentle sound of waves washing across the sandy beaches.

  1. Makua Beach, Oahu Hawaii – One of the best-known travel destination for a dreamy vacation not only for Americans but also for everyone from all over the world. Hawaii is home to hundreds of well-known tourist destinations which makes it a top spot for people and the press. Amidst the touristy coastlines is a tucked away paradise on Oahu’s windswept Waianae coast – hidden from the crowds of Waikiki is Makua Beach, home to a scenic, half-mile stretch of golden sand backed by the lush Waianae Mountains and secluded Makua Valley. Enjoy swimming to the cool and iridescent waters of this secluded beach not to mention the totally picture-worthy shots you’re going to get.
  2. Shi Shi Beach Washington – Summer is always a perfect time to visit and enjoy the beaches and trails of Shi Shi Beach. If you have that adventurous bone, the Shi Shi Beach is your go-to destination for that perfect summer retreat.
  3. Dry Tortugas, Florida – If you are willing to spend your hard earned money to get that luxurious summer vacation you deserve then Dry Tortugas in Florida is definitely your perfect private destination. Compromised of seven islands that can only be accessed by a boat or a plane. The island boasts of abundant sea life, psychedelic coral reefs and a breeding haven for tropical birds.
  4. Assateague Island, Maryland – This beautiful strip of land is home to the wild horses of Maryland. According to local legends, these wild horses (approx. 300) are descendants of a Spanish galleon that is said to have shipwrecked on the coast of Assateague. Visiting the coastline of this majestic island can be the answer to your dream wildlife beach getaway.

We have also listed down some choices outside the US to widen your choices. Get your passport ready and book those flights darling!

  1. Flamingo Beach, Aruba – Beautiful beaches where you are given the chance to mingle with wildlife is a dream you can easily achieve in the majestic Flamingo Beach located in sunny Aruba. Enjoy the soft pink sand of Flamingo Beach while dipping your feet in the blue waters of the coastline wins the prize for wildlife!
  2. Pigs Beach Exuma, Bahamas - What was once an uninhabited island is now a famous tourist destination for a very extraordinary attraction it offers! Get ready to swim with the wild pigs of Exuma Bahamas as they happily swim alongside people. Because of this extraordinary wildlife encounter, Pigs Beach has put on Big Major Cay as one of the must-visit beach destinations all over the globe.

Wherever you may find yourself this summer, always remember to “Take Only Memories and Leave Only Footprints” 

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